Do you have what it take to be a leader? We want you to run for Regional Officer.
The honor of serving the Illinois Region comes with serious responsibilities which warrant careful consideration before declaring candidacy.

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Regional Officers

Enaam Al-Quader, Enaam Al-Quader

Malcolm X College
Alpha Lambda Iota
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Foram Patel Foram Patel

Vice President, Southern District
Southwestern Illinois College, Belleville
Theta Epsilon
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Mason Carroll Mason Carroll

Vice President, Central District
Lincoln Land Community College
Alpha Epsilon Kappa
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Mia Correa Mia Correa

Vice President, Northeastern District
Malcolm X College
Alpha Lambda Iota
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Paige Meyer Paige Meyer

Vice President, Northern District
McHenry County College
Chi Upsilon
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Regional Coordinators

Susan LaMore Susan LaMore

Regional Coordinator
Kankakee Community College (KCC)
Alpha Delta Eta chapter
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Shannon Hernandez Shannon Hernandez

Regional Coordinator
College of DuPage
Phi Beta chapter
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