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IRAA District Representative Vs. Chapter Officer: Why They are Similar

For this blog I will list off the similarities between being an IRAA District Rep and a Chapter Officer, but first a little back story about myself. I am a recent community college graduate who has served 3.5 years as a Chapter Officer for my Phi Theta Kappa Chapter. These positions included: Communications Manager Internal/External and Vice President of Fellowship. I also served as the Social Media Captain for the Illinois Region of Phi Theta Kappa. So now that you know a little more about me and I have shown some credibility, let’s get started, shall we.

1. We Still Plan Fun Events for our IRAA members, PTK Advisors, and PTK Members
Each year your IRAA District Rep oversees the planning and hosting of two Satellite Social Events for their district, like how your Vice President of Fellowship would oversee the planning of all the Fellowship events for your chapter.

2. We Still Attend Meetings
Each month your IRAA District Reps along with other members of the IRAA Executive Board conduct meetings, like how your chapter holds meetings for its officers. During these meetings we talk more in depth about what our plans are for the year, fundraising ideas, ways to reach out to our members and potential members, etc.

3. We Still Attend Conventions
This is where it gets a little fun, especially when you are a District Rep for IRAA. We basically get to be on our own schedule and only do the stuff that we want to do. I remember being a Chapter Officer and having to follow a strict set schedule, well not any more. However, we still attend as many forums as we can because after all, we are still leaders and like to learn as much as we can about important topics. Another thing that is similar is that we can still send in an application to hold educational forums.

4. We Still Get Inducted and Renew Our Pledge
Yes, just like you we still have to be inducted into IRAA and renew our Pledge. Granted we don’t have a fancy induction ceremony like some chapters, but it is still an honor to be a part of something much bigger and just as fun.

5. We Still Have to Be Elected Into A Leadership Position
If you want to become an Executive Board Member for IRAA the election process is the same as yours, meaning, we must be elected by our peers.

6. We Still Have Bylaws to Uphold Just like all the chapters in the Illinois Region we uphold Bylaws set by previous IRAA Executive Boards and Headquarters, and each District Representative has their own job duties similar to how each of your Chapter Officers has their own duties. So, as you can clearly see there are a lot of similarities between being an IRAA District Representative and Chapter Officer. If you are interested in becoming a District Rep in the future believe me when I say this, the transition is an easy one to make and we have a lot of fun. The main reason why I love being an IRAA District Representative is for the fact that I don’t have to do an Honors In Action Project or College Project any more, and I get to go to conventions and not have to worry about sticking to a strict schedule. Also, it is really fun meeting new Phi Theta Kappa Members and seeing how they all interact with each other, as well as meeting IRAA Members from all across Illinois.

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