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IRAA wins big at PTK Catalyst 2019

IRAA wins big at PTK Catalyst 2019

PTK Catalyst 2019

If you have ever been to a Phi Theta Kappa International Convention, you don’t need me to tell you that they are absolutely amazing. But when something extraordinary happens at Convention…words cannot even begin to describe…

This year at PTK Catalyst 2019, Illinois had an amazing, award-winning time! Everything from individual awards for chapter members, chapter officers, chapter officer teams, administrators, and advisors TO regional awards TO the Honors In Action, College Project, and Distinguished Chapters awards..and TO the alumni associations! For the full list of awards see this link:

Everyone works so hard when it is Hallmark Write Up time. You do your best at collecting the info, writing, editing, re-writing, editing some more… and then you submit. Fingers are crossed and you feel confident that your best work was submitted for the deserving individual, project, region, or association. When you arrive with anticipation at convention, the excitement fills the air, and you are just giddy because of it all….pure joy erupts when your name is called!

When IRAA was called for the 2019 Most Distinguished Alumni Association, I was ecstatic! Everyone that has been a part of getting IRAA up and running again over the last 5 years played a role in us earning this award. I was so proud of all of us! If you have been involved – THANK YOU!! This award is for all of us!

Then the moment came for the Alumni Association Award of Merit – the top award given to any alumni association. IRAA was called again!!! We posed for the picture with our big cheesy smiles and I couldn’t help but remember where we were just five years ago.

Here’s a little back story about IRAA…..

The Illinois Regional Alumni Association was chartered in 2001 by 23 members. By 2005, unfortunately, it became a dormant group.

In 2014, two senior regional officers, Joshua Beneze and myself, Christina Boyce, were insisting that we get IRAA going again because we didn’t want our PTK journey to end. A few key people in the region put us in contact with Michael Storey, a previous international officer from the Illinois region. That initial meeting took place at the 2014 International Convention held in Orlando, FL. Josh and I contacted our fellow regional officers, Michael contacted a few other alumni, and together we put IRAA back on the map. To win this award in Orlando where IRAA was restarted was just too cool!

In the last five years, we have gained over 100 members, initiated several projects and fundraising efforts, and found a place in the Illinois Region. We are always so excited to give back to this amazing region and organization.

I highly encourage you to get involved with IRAA – be a part of the regional events, join us at our satellite socials, follow us on social media, support our projects, or join the executive board. Whatever you can do to contribute will mean so much to us!

Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement of the Illinois Regional Alumni Association! We are #PTKILStrong and #PTKforLife because #WeAreStillPTK.

Congratulations again to everyone in IRAA!
Christina Boyce
2018-2019 IRAA President

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