Regional Officer Candidate Campaign Information

Please read, fill out forms and submit them back to Susan LaMore

Candidate Interview Information / Financial Support / Intent Form

The honor of serving the Illinois Region comes with serious responsibilities which warrant careful consideration before declaring candidacy. Officers serve a total of 50+ chapters throughout the state of Illinois. Officers will be called on to make presentations to audiences on the regional level.

Candidates must abide by the requirements below and submit required materials by the deadlines listed. Candidates are encouraged to review the official duties listed within this document. All candidates are expected to gain the financial and moral support from their college administration and advisor(s) due to the commitments of the positions. Five individuals will be elected via online voting. The elected officers will be sworn in at the closing session of the Illinois Regional Convention to serve a term of office from June, 2018 to June, 2019.

Candidates must be aware that, if elected, they will need the time to devote to meetings throughout the semesters (conducted electronically) and to attend required events. Colleges must be aware of the commitment to their regional officer, both in supporting their attendance at required events and with the corresponding financial responsibility.

Duties of Regional Officers

1. President.
The elected President shall preside at all Regional meetings including those which might be held at the International Convention. The President shall keep in regular communication with all Illinois District Vice Presidents, the Regional Coordinator, and the International Vice President of Division III. If the President is unable to perform his/her assigned duties, the Regional District Vice Presidents shall elect one of the Regional Vice Presidents as President Pro-Tempore to act in the capacity of President until such time the President is able to return to his/her duties. If the President is unable to return to his/her duties, the President Pro-Tempore shall serve as President until a new President is elected as well as maintain duties as a District Vice President.

2. District Vice Presidents
The elected District Vice Presidents shall assist the President and the chapters in their respective districts of the Illinois region. The District Vice Presidents shall keep in regular communication with the Regional President and the Regional Coordinator. If a District Vice President is unable to complete his/her term of office, the Illinois Regional Coordinator will facilitate a process of appointing a new District Vice President if six months or more of term of office remains. (See last page for listing of colleges within each district.)

3. Shared Regional Officer Duties
All regional officers will work with the Regional Coordinator and the Associate Regional Coordinator to provide input and support for the planning of regional events, projects, and activities, and to serve as liaisons between their fellow Illinois Phi Theta Kappa members and the Illinois Advisory Council. All regional officers will develop and deliver educational forums at the Illinois Honors Institute & Leadership Conference and at the annual convention.

Benefits for Regional Officers

By serving the Illinois Region as an officer you will have opportunities to:

  • Increase participation on the regional level
  • Build valuable experience through coordinating regional programs and events
  • Strengthen leadership skills
  • Network with Phi Theta Kappans throughout the nation
  • Attend leadership development seminars offered through Phi Theta Kappa
  • Receive financial support for attending regional officer meetings
  • Lodging and food paid for the annual Regional Retreat. Transportation expenses are not included.
  • Receive a full registration scholarship to attend the 2018 International Honors Institute. Transportation expenses to and from the International Honors Institute will be paid by the regional officer’s chapter/college.
  • The Illinois Region will pay the 2019 International Convention (Catalyst) early registration fee for each regional officer.
  • Chapter will receive $250 travel allowance toward the expenses of the regional officer to attend the 2019 International Convention (Catalyst).
  • The registration fees for the 2018 Illinois Honors Institute/Leadership Conference and the 2019 Illinois Regional Convention will be waived for each regional officer.

Candidacy Requirements

Candidates for regional officer must be Phi Theta Kappa members in good standing who will be enrolled at their colleges, at minimum, on a part-time basis, for the upcoming academic year 2018-19.

Two deadlines have been established for submitting regional officer campaign materials.
Early Deadline – Friday, March 30, 2018, by midnight.
Candidates who submit complete and accurate application materials will be given an opportunity to speak to the members of the Illinois Region attending Catalyst 2018 during the Illinois regional meeting on Thursday night.

Regular Deadline – Saturday, March 31 - Tuesday, May 1, 2018, by midnight.
Candidates who submit complete and accurate application materials will be on the ballot, but will not have an opportunity to speak to the members of the Illinois Region at Catalyst 2018.

Required materials include:

  1. Intent Form: must be completed and contain all signatures
  2. Financial Support Page: must be carefully reviewed and contain all signatures
  3. Candidates’ Interview Information: must be carefully reviewed and contain both signatures. With signatures, candidates and advisors are committing to candidate’s participation in a live candidate interview.
  4. Live Online Candidate Interview: Candidates will prepare, using the “Candidates’ Interview Information” sheet for a live, three-minute interview addressing the four topics given on the interview information sheet. The Illinois regional president will moderate the session. Live interviews will be scheduled once the number of candidates is known. Interviews will be recorded for later viewing by those that could not attend “live.”

Elected officers shall agree to attend the:

  • 2018 International Honors Institute. Only the registration fees for attending this event are paid for by the Illinois Region. Transportation to and from Villanova University will be paid by the officer’s chapter/college. “R & R” Day expenses will be the personal responsibility of the regional officer. The regional coordinator will work with the regional officer and his/her advisor regarding transportation arrangements. The regional coordinator will register the regional officers for International Honors Institute.
  • Annual Regional Retreat with the Regional Coordinator, Associate Regional Coordinator and Illinois Advisory Council members, traditionally held in August. Lodging and meals for this event are paid by the Illinois Region. Travel is paid by the officer’s chapter/college.
  • Illinois Honors Institute/Leadership Conference, October 5-7, 2018.
  • 101st International Convention, April, 2019.
  • Illinois Regional Conventions, June 1-3, 2018 and early June, 2019.

Campaign Promotional Guidelines

The following guidelines were developed to ensure equal opportunity for members interested in serving in a regional officer position.

  • Candidates are not allowed to distribute any promotional pieces via mail, email, social media, or at regional and/or international events.
  • Candidates who commit to running by the “Early Deadline” will be given an opportunity to introduce themselves at the Illinois Regional meeting at Catalyst.
  • All candidates will be scheduled for a live, three-minute interview. Interview times will be arranged once the number of candidates is known.
  • Campaign t-shirts will not be allowed.


  • One ballot per chapter will be cast within a week of the final live interview. Chapter advisors will be provided with voting instructions once the live interviews have concluded. Live interviews will be recorded for later viewing by those that could not attend the live interviews.
  • The ballots cast by each chapter must be submitted from the chapter advisor’s email address.
  • Each chapter will vote for president and the vice presidents of each district in the Illinois Region.

If you have any questions regarding the materials or submission process, contact Regional Coordinator Susan LaMore by email or call 815.802.8208.

See a listing of the chapters, by college, in the four Illinois Districts.